Friday, April 27, 2007

Your Friday Moment of Zen: Watching Time Go By - Literally

I've not done one of these in ages, but these really are zen like, and it kindof fits with a current feeling I have that time is slowly slipping by my fingers, PLUS today I found the bizarest site every, called, where you can watch a block of cheddar ripen. In real time. Seriously.

So I started searching for some timelapse videos and these are some very, very cool ones:

This one, a whole year in time lapse, was taken by positioning a camera on a balcony, and taking a picture every five minutes for over a year. Then, selecting the bset 20 per day, the timelapse movie was made. It's really well done:

This one, taken during a thunderstorm, is also very cool. I love the way the clouds roll over the sky.

But this one is my favorite: a time lapse movie of a moon rise, which is just amazing.

Insanely zen like. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

can i be film soundtrack nerdy for (aother) moment. the time lapse on the balcony has music by michael nyman (from gattaca)... and it was michael nyman who did the music to peter greenway's "a zed and two noughts"... which was a film that contained lots of time lapse photography.

your useless fact of the day.


Carly said...

Very Zen. I think I needed that tonight. Thanks :)

And I was actually wondering who did the music. Are you a mind reader, tm?