Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Never say "and get yourself something nice" to me

Last week Dr D asked me to get him his lunch, and with his best "East End" geezer, I'm a cockney lad I am, voice, the threw me a tenner and said "er' you go luv treat yourself to something nice".

So I did. I bought myself some £99.50 per kilo, still on the bone, hand carved in front of me, Jamon. Aka ultra expensive, cured, beautiful, would eat this every day if I could afford it, ham from Brindisa.

And it was dead tasty. I love how it says on the label "Eat Within 3 days". I scoffed my 5 paper thin slices within 3 minutes. Flat.

Proof I eat things other than nutella and white bread!


Macoosh said...

i think nutella was the only thing i couldn't get used to over in ireland. and i know that makes me in the minority. but i just couldn't enjoy it. that ham sounds amazing though.... yum yum

k said...

That ham is 50% fat - a bit like...

Where's my change?