Friday, November 16, 2007

When you need to find a new sushi place

Whilst at the register at Yo Sushi! paying for the bill:

Waitress: "That'll be £30."
Me: "Ok"
Waitress: "Excuse me, but do you work for Shell?"
Me: "Um.. no?"
Waitress: "Oh ok. But you do live around here don't you?"
Me: "Um.. no?"
Waitress: "Oh ok. (Pause) So why have I seen you so many times in here?"
Me: "Um... I like sushi? (mumbles) I'll probably be back here next Tuesday..."

So is it time to find a new Yo Sushi!? Or is it cool that my sushi restaurant is becoming like Cheers, where they all know my name and my order of Hairy Prawns and Ikura Gunkan? I'm not sure yet...


Mayren said...

beware the wierdo sushi waitress.

Spirit said...

I don't know I think I'd want the people at my choice Sushi resturant to know me at least on a basic level. After all, Sushi is one of those foods- if not done right can make you pretty sick. Resturants are more likely to take better care/service of long term customers than the general guest. I know I work at a resort. ;)