Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Worst Feeling In The World

After a night out in a pub, drinking 3 too many pints, and then going to a restaurant and drinking awful house red wine, getting into a cab and saying "Where's my laptop?"

Driving to said pub. No laptop. Crying eyes out all the way home. No laptop. Horrid realisation that all my photos from China and past holidays are all gone now because I have, yup you guessed it - no laptop.

Best Feeling In The World: Calling up restaurant with awful house red and hearing the words "Silver Dell? Yes, we have it".

I love my laptop. I am giving it the biggest kiss ever. Geek girl, reunited with her most loved geek toy = joy.


k said...

You should have let me buy you the eee

Mayren said...

*big huggles* i would have cried too if my Lappy went missing. it's an expensive piece of your life not to mention all the junk on it that you'd lose.
time to make a backup of your data once a month?