Thursday, September 25, 2008

What else would it be about?

Yesterday Magic and I did a bit of a swap of abilities. I swapped:
  1. Chili Con Carne
  2. homemade tortillia chips
  3. guacamole
  4. Eaton Mess made with a massive pink meringue from a very expensive French bakery
With the Magics excellent expertise at all things nerdy and good and asked him to jailbreak my ipod touch.. I am now boundaryless from Apples oppressive hold. And I have books! Obviously, being a girl, the first book I put on my ipod was a Jane Austen novel.. But anyhoo. That’s not the point of today’s post.

Jailbreaking means you have to upgrade your ipod touch software, which wipes out all your toons and playlists.. so today I spent a bit of time re-making them, and naturally along with playlists named “Happy” (tunes to make me happy), “Dancey” (dance tracks to bop about to) and “Yee haw” (for shame, country and western type songs..), I also have the inevitable playlist called “Depressed” (which used to be called “Suicidal Rock Tunes”).

Boy oh boy, if you want to make yourself sad, use these songs (and have your boyfriend move to Europe forever).

AND whilst I was listening to this today, I realized that the sun is now definitely starting to go down faster and faster each day as we head, kicking and screaming and fighting with tooth and nail, into the darkness of winter. I hate this time of year.. Damnit.


tm said...

No Hurt by Johnny Cash?

Trying to "Panda" said...

Oh god! I forgot Johnny Kill Me Now Cash! Adding it on as we speak.