Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas party update

Yes, I had a fucking good time. Yes, I didn't care that I don't look like a supermodel. After many years of careful experimentation, this is my personal recipe for a fantastic night out, direct from me to you:
  1. heavy self medication on G&T's, red wine, and other fun drinks
  2. a free bar that lasts the whole night
  3. cheesy good time music
  4. dancing your arse off with guys who know how to twirl a girl round a dance floor
I ended up wearing a black halter neck top, black skirt, and some heals that for once didn't rip my feet to shreds, and despite my low self esteem, I actually thought I looked pretty good for once. Don't worry, that was just a passing phase :)

The only problem I had with the whole night was that I constantly kept losing my drink! I swear I kept leaving my drinks on various tables and I didn't just skull them. There must have been some cleaning fairies that would just sweep half drunk drinks off tables.. damn them!!

Out of 150 people in our company, our little group of 12 or so were the last ones left on the night, until we got kicked out of The Clink at 2.30 in the morning. And, as is natural, we all ended up in our house for a SingStar sing off.. One of our bosses and his wife came home with us, and as people were singing and drinking, he kept looking really bewildered at us asking questions like: how often do we do this? Do we practice? How do we know the words? and saying that he couldn't believe that people would go to someonse house for kareoke. I think he thought we were all really sad, until he tried it himself. And then we couldn't keep him off the microphones. Kareoke fun? Well millions of Japanese think so, and they can't all be wrong my friends. Our house really is the party corner of South East London. Not only can our neighbours not hear us, but we have more booze than god lying around our house. At about 5.30 am people started going home, and the rest of us who were staying the night, passed out on my couch, voices raw, and eyes bleary.

Once I get some more pictures from The Flatmate and grow some balls, I'll put pictures on my flickr account of us lot, all dressed up, and dancing like it's 1999.


k said...

Hey, you looked fantastic in your halter neck top.

(One of those guys that spins you around)

PS. I kept pinching your drink...

Not a Cookie Cutter said...

I love it! Drunk singing, it doesn't get better than that. I too enjoy having a nice pre-drink prior to my arrival at events, in order to knock out that insecurity issue. :)
I am glad you had fun!

jessica said...


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Trying to "Panda" said...

Hi Jessica,

I'm glad that you like my blog! Thanks for the tip I'll check them out!