Friday, January 19, 2007

Your Friday Moment of Zen: Small Retraction

I blogged the other day that I accidentally picked up a pair of Calv's boxers that were on his desk. Well, I've gotten no end of bitching from him about this, so I am retracting this blog by stating:
  1. I picked up shorts because apparently they are not in fact boxers
  2. He does not have cooties.
So to apologise for the fact that his mother called him up and said "why are there things on the Internet about your underpants? What have you been doing?", I've decided to put up this MasterCard advertisement with some dude who plays American football which Calv has been hassling me to post for months now.

Your Friday Moment of Zen: D-Caff.

I dunno, I've had it explained, and while I do get it, I'm not laughing my arse off.



calv said...

Peyton Manning rules!! Genius advert espeically the "You're in my fantasy team" line to one of the random accountants.

My Doctor says I do not have cooties and apparently only girls do FACT

Calvin, of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, does not seem to worry about catching cooties from close contact with individuals. However, he fears that he will catch them when he is the only boy on a playground full of girls. Apparently he believes that they are received from airborne transmission, as he begins breathing through his shirt and shouting "Air filter! Air filter!". In the same strip, Susie Derkins, one of the secondary characters who Calvin is with at the time, assures him that "Stupidity produces antibodies."

Mayren said...

Poor Calv...
Cooties abound.
Flannel abounds,
poor misguided and tortured soul Calv.....
A Moment of silence for Calv's lack of under "shorts" taste....

k said...

As much as this pains me I feel I should defend Calv. As his flat mate I hereby testify that he does actually own some nice pairs of Calvin Kleins that are neither check, plaid or for that matter tartan (and before anyone asks I've noticed them on the clothes horse OK).