Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm helping like a good un'

We're trying to cut a release of our software tonight. Well, to be fair, we've been trying to cut a release all day, and we're just trying to get CVS to stop fucking about.

Whilst everyone has gone to the pub for our celebratory "we've not quite released, but we're getting pissed anyway, even though this was supposed to be a proper release party" drinks, P & Dr D are trying to sort all our problems. I'm here for moral support and my occasional unix skills. So whilst waiting to be useful I'm reading every page in my new Jamie Oliver "Jamie At Home" cookbook, and serenading my team with Maria Mckee's "Show Me Heaven" (If you know what it's like, to dream a dream. Baby hold me tight and let this beeeeee ooooooohhhhh). THIS I know is helpful, and not at all annoying!

At this point in time, we might not be making our "Not releasing today" Release drinks.

Tomorrow though, we're all off to Oxford to go to the Great British Cheese Festival. Not because we all love cheese or anything but because they are supposed to have a massive cider tent, and nothing tastes better with cider from plastic milk bottles than free, smelly cheese. Yum.


k said...

No its very annoying...
k (aka Dr D ) - written whilst waiting for CVS

Mayren said...

YAY! cheese! (no stink pleez)
not to change the subject much but..
How goes the flat decorating?

Trying to "Panda" said...

Mayren: The decorating's pretty much done (well as much as I'm going to do right now). I will do a proper post on my not doing things like retiling the bathroom or redoing the floors. Btw, how's yours coming on?