Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Which would you do?

Oh lord. Ever since seeing The Bourne Ultimatum last week, I've been a tiny bit Matt Damon obsessed. And popsugar has loads of red carpet pics of him (yes and of his wife) that have been keeping me quite entertained.

However, I found this today on geeksugar and gizmodo and holy crap, I can't stop laughing:

So my question to you is: Which would you do? Answers on a postcard. (Or comment). I defy to you look at either Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, lounging 'seductively' on their desks, nerd style, and not piss yourself laughing... Ooh baby, let me turn you on with my nerd talk. Oohh la la la.


tm said...

I think Steve looks pretty hot. Not John Cusack hot, but not bad either.

k said...

Writes the magic as he sprawls on his desk and gets one of his geek minions to take a photo.

Anonymous said...

Brings a whole new meaning to 'do you want to defrag me?'

tm said...

i would never do such a thing... besides, i'd need a bigger desk since i'm no longer a sleek geek (nod to dr karl)

Mayren said...

Steve Jobs looks like a total '78 babe. Who knew that one would eventually kneel before the other in similar poses later in in life?