Tuesday, February 12, 2008

If only I'd known, I could have saved myself so much trouble

Finally! After 6 years, all the hassle, all the guilt from my folks about not moving back to Australia, leaving everyone I know and care for back home, everything. Finally, I've got my British passport! One of the main reasons for not returning to Oz is just so I can have that little purple book so I don't visa's to travel, can join the fast immigration queue at the airports and have complete freedom to move anywhere in Europe.

So how does it feel to finally have it in my hot little hands? Bloomin marvellous. Though doing a quick google search about the different types of pictures of native birds in the passport showed me this link. God damnit! If only I had know that I could have bought a British passport from uk.shopping.com/Buy! And apparently at low prices!

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Andrew Beeston said...

Dang - you should have just had British parents like say... my dad. Then you would have been sweet.

I'm still in shock that you don't like Vegemite. :o This is my first visit to your blog and you've made me cry already!