Friday, February 15, 2008

You're Friday Moment of Zen: The Magic Sandwich

Going through some old pics today, I found this: The definitive step-by-step guide to the Ruffle-Chip-Tortillia-Sour-Cream-Sandwich that The Magic invented whilst on holiday at the Tex-Mex Capital of the World Rovaniemi. THIS is a moment of deep fried zen. Yum.

Ingredient 1: Take Tortillia Chips (preferably from plate of chicken wings).

Ingredient 2: Get Ruffle Potato Chips (preferrably with ribs but for you veges out there, omit meat)

The Steps by Step Guide

Step 1: Break Ruffle Potato Chip to size to fit neatly ontop of the tortilla

Step 2: Top Tortilla Chip With Ruffle Potato Chip

Step 3: Add final layer of Tortilla Chip

Step 4: Dip sandwich into sour cream sauce from ribs. Again if vege, use regular sour cream that doesn't come from ribs.

Step 5: Finished product. It's not the prettiest sandwich in the world, but not everything has to be pretty in the world to be good.

Stage 6: AARRGGHH!! Eat Ruffle-Chip-Tortillia Sandwich. Yum. Fattening but yum


Anonymous said...

For a girl you have an impressive beard growth and hairy knuckles, Panda.

Trying to "Panda" said...

Why thankyou! I normally try to keep the beard to a 5 o'clock shadow affair but you know, when I'm on holiday I tend to let myself go....