Thursday, March 27, 2008

Late Night Waiter

Heard in a late night cab home:

Me: "So if I make cakes for work and people don't want to donate money, then that's ok too. I'll just say 'well Jesus will judge you'".
Calv: "No, you should say "your god will judge you""
The Magic: "So would Einstein judge me for not paying for a cake?"
Calv: "Einstein's your god? Really? I'm a bit disapointed in that"
Dr D: "Yeah me too. Not Carl Sagan?"
Me: "Yeah Mag, Einstein? Really? I would have you thought your god would be much more impressive and unknown than that"
The Magic: "Well, to be honest guys he's not. I just thought I'd pick a name you might all know".

BAH-ZING. Magic was our waiter that night. Cause we got our arses handed to us.


tm said...

it's probably more polytheistic... sagan, feynman, asimov, donovan.

Anonymous said...

As in Jason Donovan ?

k said...

No as in Dr D(onovan) - who is far from god like today as he's in bed trying not to be sick again (in the words of the blur song).
k (aka Dr D)