Thursday, October 02, 2008

Problems getting supplies

God damn it.

It’s a Thursday. The sun is out. And again I am wondering what the hell am I doing with my life. Bored should not be an adjective to describe my short dwindling days, each one bringing me one day closer to my inevitable death. Sigh.

Anyway, Magic, my partner in finding random things on the internet (does that come with some sort of anniversary and hallmark card you think?) found this book called the Hungry Scientists Handbook which I think rocks! So that got me looking around and I found:

  • cooking websites with a nerdy technical slant to it.
Which led me to :
  • Cooking for engineers (which I think The Magic thinks should be changed to “Not-really -cooking-for-engineers-cause-they-don’t-use-ISO-standards-for-their-units”)

Which led me to :

    • How to make edible underpants
    Which led me to:
    Which led to the inevitable search on Ebay:

    Sigh. Another dream of mine bites the dust. How am I supposed to instantly get my ice-cream now, without having to wait the 6 hours of churning and freezing and churning and freezing and then forgetting and ending up with crystally ice-cream? Answers on a postcard. (And do not say “go to the fucking shops” cause that’s just fucking boring.)


    tm said...

    I meant SI units. So s/ISO/SI/g above.

    Anonymous said...

    The difficulty of getting the crazy ingredients is what put me off the Fat Duck book (and Heston Blumethal's TV show as well)...

    Glad to see your blog's still going, I lost all my bookmarks and then through the blackmagic of old backups got them back again.


    Mayren said...

    i missed you!!!!


    and if you need things instantly you just need a blast chiller. There are ways to get the liquid nitro but they can't advertise as openly .....