Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Who knew tea could cause such self induced drama?

About 3 months ago, I came home to find the woman upstairs radiators were leaking.. leaking all through her floor, through my ceiling, down my walls and onto my electrical sockets... so today, after months of waiting, the painters have come to fix the damage, and repaint the house.. how the insurance company goes from "damage to one corner" to "redo the whole living/lounge room and the hall way" I'll never understand..

So this time, knowing I'm having people come around, I went out and especially bought milk. Builders/painters/people who come and fix things in your house like tea and coffee. I've seen the Gilmore Girls.. I know I should have pastries and fresh coffee on the go at all times... I went and bought milk to save myself the embarrasement of having to use 2 year old out of date skim milk powder, which never mixes properly in the tea, and then just leaves floaty bits that look especially gross (which I did serve once to a piano tuner.. poor bloke was so nice, he even drank it.. ). The problem is that when I went to make them their tea and coffee, I realised with some horror that I have only have 2 types of mugs; huge bucket style ones stolen from Starbucks (from when I used to work there - hey they paid terribly, I figured 3 mugs was just fair), and nerd mugs. Like my Vi commands mug, NASA mugs, Discovery channel mugs, mugs that have the word "GEEK" written on them. And that's it. So I had a full on 5 minute dilema: what do I serve their tea in?? Stolen, illegal buckets from Starbucks, or mugs that scream "I'm a nerd!! I'm a nerd!! I can't socialise with the general population!! I love star trek!!".

Usually I'm quite proud of my geekiness.. today, not so much.