Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Gawd Damn

I've not written much in the last week because work has been riding my arse like you wouldn't believe. And no, that is not euphemism for something dirty. For the last week (well, last year really) I've been the go-to bitch for one of our clients. A client, I might add, who've got lots of people working in their IT & business team, all of whom are paid fucking shit loads of cash, none of which can go to help them buy a fucking clue.

So I will again endeavour to post with a frequency that I need to do to help me get through my day. And also because if I don't vent here, I will definitely get fired. Highlighted particularly well I thought after yesterday's little "discussion" with my boss, where at one stage I didn't let him get a word, and I managed to get him so pissed off that he stormed out of the office. Again. You know, I'm quite convinced it's my only talent.

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