Friday, July 06, 2007

British Summer = Cricket + Rain

We went to Lords on Tuesday to watch a 20 20 match with Middlesex vs Surrey. As a non-cricket watcher, I really only go for 3 things:
  1. Lounging in the hot summer sun, drinking beer/wine/champagne
  2. Picnic food
  3. The party atmosphere
However, thanks to the stupid, crappy, flood enducing, cold, wet, horrid english 'summer' (and I use 'summer' in the loosest possible terms), we've spent the last month with barely any summer sun, and NO chance of floaty dresses, strappy tops, sandals/thongs (aka FLIP FLOPS if you're giggling to yourself).

Instead of hot summer cricket at Lords we were subjected to this:

with somtimes TEASING sun like:

I WANT THE CANCER INDUCING SUN BACK! I am CRAVING the possiblity of getting sunburnt. I am vitamin D deficient!!! On top of that, I keep listening to the soundtrack to the Ex-Flatmate's and my holiday to St Maarten last year, all the songs from Radio Calypso that they kept playing whilst we were hooning around going from sundrenched beach to sundrenched beach, and this has made me even more desperate for some hot weather, so much so that I am seriously thinking of going on a holiday, even if no one wants to come with me! So this is a shout out, an open invitation, a plea to the universe: if YOU are thinking of going somewhere where we can take our pasty bodies out on a beach, in swimsuits that no one wants to see us in, drink cocktails with little umbrellas in them, and eat bbq's every day, let me know, because I am sick of this crappy weather:


Mayren said...

So it's not the right time to mention that i live in So.California around L.A. and that I just got back from a HotSprings/Spa that has glistening mineral water pools outdoors and my skin has a new healthy sun-glow with tinges of sunburned pink ?
If you were in the area i'd take ya there.

Trying to "Panda" said...

NOOO! It's not the time to tell me that! We've had our 2 days of sun this weekend, so that's probably our yearly allotment.

You lucky thing you!! I'm very jealous!