Thursday, July 19, 2007

What not to do when someone is really hungry and tired

Me: “When you get to Benugo’s can you buy me and eggs florentine?”

Dr D: “If they don’t have that?”
Me: “If they don’t have that, then an eggs benugo, or the other one with the salmon. In fact, buy me anything to eat, I’m really exhausted and really hungry.”
Dr D: “So basically, we could just get you some roadkill, wrap it up, add some sauce, and you’d eat that you’re so not fussy today.”
Me: “Don’t be mean. I’m very tired”
Dr D: “ You know, I have half a mind to not buy you anything at all, even if they do have what you want, just to see you sit there and cry.”
Me: “hmm.”

Don’t be mean to the girl with the blog, and the finickiness to blog you being mean.


Anonymous said...

Are there any other aspects to Dr D's personality other then mean ?
Ah wait a minute I forgot he can also do sarcastic.

tm said...

Dr D does not "Do" sarchastic. He wrote the book on it.

Mayren said...

awww- That's no fun! What the hell as he got against starving tired gals. That's mean.

k said...

This is all a bit unfair - I did buy the Panda breakfast and it wasn't bamboo shoots for once.
k (aka Dr. D)

Trying to "Panda" said...

You may have bought me breakfast, but it was with MY money!!! Cheeky bastard!

Anonymous said...

Plus the fact 25 years after he left school Dr D is still getting his kicks making girls cry !

k said...

It's true I was a child prodigy. k

Anonymous said...

don't you mean autistic savant?