Friday, July 27, 2007

You're Friday Moment of Zen: Not More Than Meets The Eye

We're off to see the new Transformer's film tonight at Leicester Square. Why? Well, we have a bit of an affinity with Transformers thanks to our jobs (if only our jobs were in robotic programming or something cool like that rather than just dull, run of the mill programming of software used by organisations that can best be described as Satan's underlings - albeit lowly ones that fetch Satan's smokes from the corner shop or maybe drive him around in his Volvo to score girls, rather than do any thing really bad like arms trading or mass genocide. Hey - we're not completely evil.). Plus (thankfully!) we are all old enough to actually remember watching the show on tv and own the original toys (though I never owned any myself, but I was more of you playmobil girl... )

If you're seeing the film sometime, drop me a line and let me know what you think... I've decided to sneak in some snack food from China town, rather than pay exorbitant prices for some peanut M&M's (which I am currently using to perfect a magic tricks on Calv's desk. Along the line of "Here's the promise: a blue M&M and nothing else in my hand. Here's the turn: " (and it vanishes into my mouth). "And the prestige? Well, I'm still working on bringing it back... " if I was bulimic that'd be a whole lot easier I suspect...

Anyway, in preparations for tonight's big film, here are a couple of quite funny auditions for the new film. I particularly like Sgt Power. Enjoy!

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