Thursday, August 02, 2007

You'll wish you'd never said that

Retraction: Following a little hissy fit by the eminent Dr D, I've retracted this post (well the offensive word he called me).

Conversation between me and Dr D:

Me: "Did you run in to work in that shirt?"
Dr D: "Yup"
Me: "Hold on, didn't you wear that shirt yesterday?"
Dr D: "Yup"
Me: "What did you sleep in that shirt too?"
Dr D: "Um...." looking sheepishly "yeah, I think I did!"
Me: "You know, when someone asks you something you don't always have to tell the truth!"
Dr D: "But I find that honesty is the best policy though, wouldn't you say so Ch(ed: deleted to keep the peace)*?"
Me: "Oh you're going to pay for that"

And so it starts for yet another week.

* - due to overwhelming screeching, the actual phrase used by Dr D had to be removed.

1 comment:

k said...

Oh this is completely unfair (not for the first time mind you).

A) it was a joke and a very fine one too.
B) due to your editing it now looks like I've uttered a racial slur - I'm calling my lawyers - You'll be hearing from Messers Pilfer, Fleece and Sue very soon

k (Dr. D)