Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Late Night Noises

I really don't know anything about the neighbours upstairs, except that I think they might be a bit deaf. A fact I've gleaned thanks to their telly being up so fucking loud from about 9am until sometime around 9pm every evening. Not that I mind that honestly... it's kinda nice to have some connection to people who live next to you, even if that connection is only their love of crappy day time reality TV shows about people trying to sell their old household rubbish or talk shows where people beat up their relatives for running off with their cousins.

However, sometimes, late a night, like now, I lie in bed, and I can hear them moving about upstairs and I honestly, fervently, and sincerely hope that what I am hearing is them getting fidgety at 1am, and not them getting it on at 1am... cause somethings moving around up there, and I'm praying I'm not lying underneath old, deaf people doing the nasty.


1 comment:

Mayren said...

ahh - the joy of neighbors.
I'm lucky - I'm the Top floor neighbor where I live. hehehe