Wednesday, August 08, 2007

They just don't make them like this anymore

Currently my playlist contains lots of French, German and Spanish dance/rap music. So that means lots of MC Solaar, Kate Ryan, Run Lola Run, and some crap Jennifer Lopez spanish stuff she made before she got herself almost arrested for being with someone who carried guns to nightclubs, and called herself JLo... Basically at the moment, if it's in a language I can just understand, it's made the playlist.

Having listened to Désenchantée by Kate Ryan for about 20 times now, to work out all the words (and secretly to see if I can sing along correctly so if I ever end up in a Francophone kareoke bar again I can wow the crowds with out singing songs from Grease, or Africa by Toto), I decided to google the song, and found the original version of this, sung in the 90's by the French singer Mylene Farmer. A grace à (thanks to) YouTube, i found the video clip, and you know, they just don't make them like this anymore, though I'm trying to recall any english (I mean english speaking, not english british) video clips that are like this - set in a concentration camp, it features kids smoking, women eating bugs, people beating up the lead singer, a riot, death, fire, soldiers beating up an old man and a kid who can't be much past 10 killing some soldiers with a semi automatic rifle. Kinda puts all the video clips with the singer wrything around in skimpies, all lathered, trying to whore themselves for single sales to shame.

It's a brilliant song, but the video is a bit like watching Schindlers List crossed with Saving Private Ryan crossed with French pop.... Check it out...

If you're interested in the Kate Ryan version, that I am currently listening to on repeat check her out here. Filmed all around Brussels, it's kinda nice watching my spiritual home with eurotrash pop (sorry Kate, you're not eurotrash. You're not any kind of garbage. You rock you old thing! Even if you didn't make it to the last 12 at eurovision this year).

Si tu est intéresté, les paroles pour la chanson suive. Tellement, je l'adore, et je pense, finalement, que je peux le chanter sauf les petites erreurs:

Nager dans les eaux troubles
Des lendemains
Attendre ici la fin
Flotter dans l'air trop lourd
Du presque rien
A qui tendre la main

Si je dois tomber de haut
Que ma chute soit lente
Je n'ai trouvé de repos
Que dans l'indifférence
Pourtant, je voudrais retrouver l'innocence
Mais rien n'a de sens, et rien ne va

Tout est chaos
A côté
Tous mes idéaux : des mots Abimés...
Je cherche une âme, qui
Pourra m'aider
Je suis
D'une géneration désenchantée, désenchantée

Qui pourrait m'empêcher
De tout entendre
Quand la raison s'effondre
A quel sein se vouer
Qui peut prétendre
Nous bercer dans son ventre

Si la mort est un mystère
La vie n'a rien de tendre
Si le ciel a un enfer
Le ciel peut bien m'attendre
Dis moi,
Dans ces vents contraires comment s'y prendre
Plus rien n'a de sens, plus rien ne va.


Mayren said...

Fantastic! Lately i've been listening to French webradio thru iTunes because it's just better than my hum-drum reruns locally.

Trying to "Panda" said...

you should check out radio calypso from St Maartin. It's brilliant. Loads of random english/french songs, plus adds about where to buy extra metal panelling to protect you against hurricane season!