Friday, March 24, 2006

Feeling Guilty Today About: Giving up smoking

So if you've read my post a few days ago about Lent, you'll know that I'm giving up smoking for the next 40 days. (just a quick aside: it's not that I'm fanatically religous, or that giving this up for Lent is something that I do every year (actually I don't think I've ever given anything up in my life... my mum's gonna be pissed when she finds out..), but I felt that it'd add a small tiny mite of interest in my otherwise incredibly dull persona). However, if you read that post you'll also know that I actually don't smoke to begin with, so it's a relatively easy thing to do. So though it's kinda fun to say "no, sorry, whilst the idea of being paid in cigars sounds lovely, I've unfortunately given up smoking for lent, so cash will have to do", I'm finding that I'm feeling suprisingly guilty about the fact that now people think I'm zealot quitter of all things nicotene related, they are being nice to me for giving up... which I haven't done... cause I never started.... hmmm.

Note, don't feel guilty enough to actually do something properly, though giving up watching Jessica Simpson on the tele is actually allot harder than I imagined. I have however started to watch 10 mins of "Peter and Jordon" on Wednesday nights, and whilst this is crap, I'm do not think this is going against my Lent promises... that's more a documentary of life for 2 people in the public eye, trying to make a life together, rather than Jessica Simpson screaming "honey, I've banged the car up real good again"..

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Annon said...

I disagree with the fact that Newleyweds is any different to the Jordon + Peter show...apart from the fact the Nick + Jess show is far more scripted then the british one but I personally think the 2 shows are one and the same and you are in danger of violating your lent promise....i think you just miss jess nagging nick....but not as much as he misses her now..still at least half her fortune should keep him warm at night.