Friday, March 31, 2006

Way to a girl's heart.

I'm a relatively(see note A) simple girl to please. Giving me a bag of pork scratchings all to myself is definitely one of the BEST ways to do it though. (See Note B)

Not very vegetarian, nor very vegan. Then again, that's ok cause I'm neither.

(a)relatively = easy if you know what I like, difficult if you don't.

(b) However, it does have to be nice pork scratchings. Not too greasy, or chewy, or too dry. It should also have a nice crunchiness about it, and without a big a layer of soggy fat that hasn't crispied up. Otherwise, don't bother, cause I'll just wonder why they wasted perfectly good piggy by not cooking it properly. Also, it should come from a proper pork shop, (found either in little towns or selling their wares at beer festivals), and not from one of the foil packs you get from your local pub or supermarket. They're not very nice. But, if the supermarket is Asian (and then not from a foil packet) I will happily accept that, cause they tend to be really crispy and not greasy in anyway shape or form.

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