Friday, March 03, 2006

Hitting that tiny French village, hoping to avoid riots, firebombs, coughing birds and death by cheese.

A bunch of us are packing our little overnight cases and going to France tomorrow. I'm pretty excited cause it's the first time I'll left this little island this year (and it's March already!), and also cause I'll be able to do my favourite thing: supermarket shopping.

Oh yes. I know this is sad, but I love nothing more than going supermarket shopping when I'm overseas, and buying random foreign food (merguez sausages, yum, compte cheese, delicious, that can of cut up octopus pieces? hmm.. well you have to take the good with the bad huh). The things I'm definitely going to be handing my hard earned cash over include:
  1. Frois Gras - which I probably won't eat, and will just sit in my fridge for the next 3 months, like the last lot did
  2. Little Prince Biscuits - again which I probably won't finish, because there are only so many biscuits a girl can eat..
  3. Bottles of red & white wine - standard
  4. Bottles of 70 eurocent champagne, which will smell like hair perming solution, but when we're sitting on the floor of our hotel room at 2 am, after a night of going in and out of different pubs that we'll get stared at by locals, will be damn tasty.
  5. More little individual bottles of champagne, like the ones you see uber skinny supermodels drink at fashion shows, but which will not be Bollinger, but something more like the hair perming solution, to make trips on the tube more bearable.
  6. Tiny bottles of beer.
  7. Cheese. Lots of cheese.

So as you can see, it's mostly booze.... (little bottles of booze, cause then I can fend of the looks of disapproval from my friends when I go to get one from the fridge the very second I get through the front door by saying "What? It's only a small bottle"). I wish that I was sophisticated enough to buy cases and cases of Moet & Chandon, and really expensive wines and cultured and well thought out pieces of art, but that's just no me.

Me. The non-classy Aussie bird in France. Look out St Omer! We're hitting your town tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Moet & Chandon isn't sophisticated. k