Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Top 3 Things I'm giving up for Lent

So Lent has started today, and like a good catholic girl, I feel almost obligated to give something up for it. However, not actually being a good catholic girl, I can't quite get myself to give things up that I really like, for example, beer or wine (especially since we're all going away on a booze cruise to France on Saturday)..

So here is my top 3 things of things to give for lent:

  1. Smoking. Yes, I'm going to cut out smoking entirely for the next 40 days. My body will be not have any nasty smoke subjected to it by me - other than second hand smoke from the pub I'll be in whilst I'm not giving up drinking. This will be dead easy, and I'll feel good about it.. I will nott complain or bitch or scream "I WANT A CIGARETTE" at any time over the next 40 days. (Note: It might be better if I actually smoked in the first place, but will give up the temptation to start, to then stop too.)
  2. Eating endangered animals - no cod & chips, or panda burgers for me then. Done (I do eat cod & chips, so that actually will be something to give up).
  3. Will not watch uber crap telly, but do intellectual things with my time, such as read books, do crosswords, shop on the internet. I will however state that shows like "Desperate Housewives", "The Apprentice", and "East Enders" are all highly intellectual shows, and I will continue to watch them. I will not watch things like, say, Newlyweds, anymore.

Feel very good. Almost saintly.

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