Friday, April 28, 2006

French Bull: Fabulous Design, that I'm planning to "borrow" as my own

Ok, so I've just seen this on the design*sponge website, but I love this design. These plates are from French Bull, and I love the pattern on these vine plates:

The thing that I really like is what one of the design*sponge readers did on their blackboard which I've now started to see if I can take a similar design and put it on a set of 4 canvases, each in a different colour. I've tried it out in crayon to see how it would look and on paper, I think it's fabulous, so hopefully I'll get a chance to see if I can paint at all anymore, and I'll post the pictures (of the probably disasterous results) up.

Watch this space. Hopefully not for too long!

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