Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jackhammers in the brain and angry chick music

The powers that be have decided that the building next to ours will now become a student hall, so a coupld of weeks ago they started to put up scaffolding and started gutting the inside of the building. Today though they've started to remove the LIFT SHAFT which is right behind the wall next to my desk. There is a constant stream of jack hammering, and what sounds like oversized elephants trying to kick walls down cause they're trying to get away from a swarm of mice. Not only can I feel the vibrations in the floor under my feet (making it feel like the floor is literally about to fall out beneath me) but the noise is so loud that you have to shout to the person 2 feet away from you. It's like being in an indy night club without any of the good bits like vodka or class A drugs.

So to combat the noise I'm now listening to angry chick music. My current play list consists of:

  1. Charm Attack - Leaona Ness
  2. Hanging Acount - Gemma Hayes
  3. Boys Wanna Fight - Garbage
  4. Sex Is Not The Enemy - Garbage
  5. Only Happy When It Rains - Garbage
  6. #1 Crush - Garbage
  7. When I Grow Up - Garbage (There's a lot of Garbage huh?)
  8. Not An Addict - K's Choice
  9. Celebrity Skin - Hole

If anyone's got any other suggestions they are ALL welcome right now.

The only problem with trying to block out what to me sounds like German tanks driving around next door blowing walls down, with very loud music, is that occasionally I'll have to take my headphones off to talk to someone, and the noise next door will stop. Then it'll be eerily quiet for a few minutes, and I'll put my headphones back on. Then I'll hit play again on my itunes, and the music's up so loud that it feels like my ears drums burst and I have to hold bandages to my head because my ears are bleeding.

It's pretty fantastic being at work right now.

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