Monday, February 26, 2007

Easiest way to make a man come running

  1. Walk past the man's bedroom, muttering slightly
  2. Walk past again, this time holding a tool box - this obviously makes him prick his ears.
  3. Open tool box, spilling some of the screwdrivers on the floor - this is to pique his interest and make him knit his eyebrows together a little.
  4. Walk into the bathroom, screwdriver in hand - he's getting more interested/nervous
  5. Start unscrewing the piece of wood behind the toilet, to get to the toilet cistern - his head pops out the door. At this point, he will ask "do you need a hand?", to which you have to look around, smile and say "no thanks!"
  6. Put the 'blue loo' cleaning block in cistern, then start screwing the wood back into place. When inevitably, it does not end up quite flush against the wall, say loudly "oh damnit, that's not supposed to go like that" - this makes the man ask his brother, who is on a call from Australia, to hold on a minute.
  7. Go back to the hall, take out hammer from the toolbox, then start hitting the wood, to try and get it back in place.

This is my sure fire, never fail, guaranteed way to make the man (aka The Flatmate) throw the phone down on his international call, run out the door, down the hall, into the bathroom, saying "Um, ok, are you sure you don't need some help? Don't need me to come to the rescue then?"

Hmmm, and I'm supposed to be owning a house soon? Now I'm not sure that's the best idea is it...


Anonymous said...

Good god, men like that are golddust ! Don't let him go back ! In all seriousness does he want to marry me ?

Mayren said...

you're leaving the flatmate because??? oy! you could always take him with you. Your Turf so to speak?