Friday, February 16, 2007

Infatuated again

I wrote a couple of months ago about a horrendous crush I'd developed on Superman (yes, you read right. Not much of a mind blowing announcement: "Geek girl fancies comic book hero. "). Oh god, how pathetic).

However, the revolving door of fictional men I get crushes on seems to have stopped right firmly at the door of Jane Eyre's Mr Rochester.

This is of course helped by the fact that he's recently been played with Toby Stephen's in the BBC production, which is just amazing. After watching the BBC production, I was in the throes of the 19th century novel, and I have to say, I don't know where this novel has been all my life! And on top of that, I can't get over it was written by a Bronte, considering how I can't even count the ways in which I loathe and despise Emily Bronte and her pathetic book "Wuthering Heights" (for god's sake Catherine and Heathcliff. Get a god damn fucking room, or go get lost on the moors until collapse of starvation and wild dogs eat you).

Mr Rochester though. God damn. Whilst it's sad for someone my age to lust after a fictional character, especially the youngest son of a wealthy man who ends up (LOOK AWAY IF YOU DON'T WANT ME TO SPOIL IT) locking his wife away in a tower and becomes a brooding, angry, depressed, hollow shell of a man. But there you go. It's too late. He's long "dead" and I think he's great.


Mayren said...

I totally agree with your new Crush. I'm a sap for sorta period piece Dashing rogue fictional characters.
*hangs her head in shame*
I also love Heath Ledger in a Knight's Tale...
Where will my degredation end?\
*probably when Heath ledger plays the new joker in the new Batman movie - that's my end*

Kristyn said...

I've recently read Jane Eyre for a Genre Studies class focusing on feminist literature, and I have to say, I totally see where you're coming from on this one! I fell for him from the moment she meets him! After discussing the book for weeks, I'm intending to read it again over the summer.

That said, my heart truely belongs to Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy of "Pride and Prejudice." I love him, I can't help it! It an almost obsession with the book and all things belonging to it. :)

So, where crushes on long "dead" fictional hero's go, Darcy is it for me! My husband actually laughs at me and my obsession with the man... personally, I just think he's glad Darcy is a fictional man!

Trying to "Panda" said...

Mayren: yeah heath's a cutey in that too... though dressed up as the joker is possibly a good way to kill that crush dead.. OH MY GOD. I thought you were joking about HL playing the joker... just found out your not! hmmmm....

Kristyn: Ahh the moody Darcy. He's beautiful too. And it does help that Darcy is played by the delicous Colin Firth in the BBC production too.

Yeah, I loved Darcy... So much so I named my cat after him... uh-huh, that is really sad...