Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Svalbard Weather Watch

Ok, I'll admit it. Despite the fact that
  1. I've paid close to £500 in hard weather gear for this trip to Svalbard
  2. Distressingly, I've realised that despite the years of coca-cola propaganda, polar bears are in fact not our friends
  3. I could die in a horrid plane accident when our 2 stroke, probably made of MDF, light aircraft tries to land on, what can essentially be called an ice rink
I am getting pretty damn excited about this trip.

So, I'm going to keep you updated, for the next 3 days, of the temperature in Svalbard, to appreciate the slight apprehension I'm feeling as a soft southern Sydney girl, going as far north as a girl should go:

Temperature at 6am this morning (with windchill) : -30C
Current Temparture in Longyearbyen : -9.6C
Current Temparture in Longyearbyen (with windchill) : -21.1C

-21.1C!!!! In Sydney, if it dips below 10C people start going worrying about the ensuing cold snap, destined to take down the city and start wearing thermals underwear and long johns.. This is going to be weird.

1 comment:

Mayren said...

You're going to have a blast.
Can't wait till you throw down some pics from the trip too.

safe travels