Tuesday, February 06, 2007

For The Flatmate

Whilst watching an episode of 'Friends', Ross' g/f comes in and finds them playing Strip Happy Days, and goes "Ok, I'll catch up" and takes her top off.

The Flatmate: "Damnit! I came in late, and only saw the end of that!"
Me: "Damnit! If only we had a tivo box of some type which was recording what we were watching!"
The Flatmate: "Damnit! And if only that tivo box meant I could rewind and see her in her bra!"
Me: "Well why don't you then?"
The Flatmate: "Well, I would, but if I did, you'd blog it."

The Flatmate - you're so damn right.

1 comment:

Mayren said...

*cheers to the flatmate*

There are worse things than having the world know that your flatmate blogged about you wanting to see a chick in a bra on TV.

He's so got it easy.