Friday, February 17, 2006

My Current Play List:

Title: "So Cheesy I Need Crackers"

  • Groove is in the Heart - by Dee Lite (We're going to dance, We're going to dance, We're going to dance, and have some fun.... dig...)
  • Gold - by Spandau Ballet (What does the phrase "These are my salad days" mean anyway?)
  • Leave A Light On For Me - by Belinda Carlisle (Not as good as Summer Rain, but I don't have a copy of that).
  • I Say A Little Prayer - by Aretha Franklin (even though I only ever see Rupert Evert singing it to Julia Roberts in that film, whilst those waiters in the back wave their arms in the air with big lobsters mits on)
  • Doctor Worm - by They Might Be Giants (Good morning how are you? I'm doctor worm. I'm interested in things, I'm not a real doctor but I am a real worm, an actual worm, I live like a worm. How does this NOT make you laugh??)

I have no shame.

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