Thursday, May 25, 2006

53 is the magic number

So yesterday, I blogged about the German Eurovision entry, and their little country and western diddy: "No No Never". Don't get me wrong. I like this song. I really do. In fact I've listened to it now about 12 times in about 3 days. That's kinda allot. (It is a country and western song don't forget). So when I mentioned this to a friend of mine, Calvin, you can imagine my shock when I found out that in the same amount of time, he's listened to it 53 times. 53 TIMES! In 3 DAYS! Which is equivalent to 159 minutes of this song on repeat. 159 MINUTES of hearing this band sing "I'm never ever gonna leave you to cry on your own,
Never ever gonna not go and pick up the phone,I'm never ever gonna let you be chilled to the bone, No, no, never, No, no, neveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr"

He then went on to tell me some other interesting itunes facts. He's listened to:
  • Boys of Summer - 263 times
  • A Little Respect - 310 times
  • Four to the Floor - 556 times
  • And Crystal by New Order - 1150 times.

1150 TIMES!!! This makes my slight OCD tendencies of listening to songs on repeat seem completely normal! Wowzers.


Anonymous said...

Well I've listened to Huey Lewis and the News: Power Of Love, 6 times! I'm soo ashamed.

TM said...

I'm no superman - 202 times
A little resect - 127
You can't always get what you want (the stones) - 84*
White flag - 46
Here comes my baby (cat stevens) - 45
No no never - 29 (and rising rapidly)

* this must almost count as double as it's over 7 minutes long

CalvStar said...

I reckon that everyone should have at least 5 songs they have listened to in high double figures (nay treble or even 4 figures) and publish their results to expose their shame