Tuesday, May 16, 2006

If I had a tiny patch of roof space to call my own

I'm in the middle of looking for a new place to live, so am taking the big plunge and saving all my hard earned cash to be rejected for a mortgage in a few months. So I've been recently about what I'd like to have, and the one thing that I know I really want is a roof terrace/garden. Something like this perhaps:

Or like this:
I'm blaming the weather on all of this (look how British I'm becoming!). If it had only stayed miserable and cold instead of teasing us with the long sunny warm days we've had recently (well, last week, but that's kinda recent) then I wouldn't be in complete roof terrace envy. And if I had a roof garden which didn't have any proper furniture, that'd be ok cause I'd get these really cool fold up chaise lounges: (which come from Confused Direction)
on which I can sit outside with a beer, reading a book and watching the cars and trucks go by.


Note: now for the obligatory nerdy bit of this blog, the pictures of my dream garden where found on the design*sponge blog, were done in a very very very cool application from google called google sketch up. This is such a groovy program, that I've seriously fallen in love with.

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