Friday, May 05, 2006

Pop Idol/Pop Stars/American Idol Guilt

I can't believe I'm about to blog this: I've been listening to the Brit Awards CD, and the songs that I am actually enjoying the most are not the bands who've struggled and struggled and struggled to get recognised by the industry, or the bands who we should like (e.g. Keane or the Arctic Monkeys), but the Pop Idol/Star winners:

  • Biology - Girls Aloud (I KNOW, how crap is this band? Ever watched one of their video clips? Pool luv's can't walk and sing simultaneously. They have to stand there, rooted to the ground, then do their little singing bit, then you see cut scenes of them running around.. not a fully functioning brain amoungst the lot of them)
  • Since you've been gone - Kelly Clarkson (oh dear..)
  • Switch It On - Will Young

I KNOW. I feel really guilty that, instead of loving bands who've struggled and struggled and who've finally got the recognition that they deserve and made it on the music scene, with the accolade and praise of their peers. I know all that these kids have done was win a talent show on the tele, and now have multimillion recording deals. They're pop rubbish, but I can't help it. I like these songs.

Oh, and I don't like Keane or the Arctic Monkeys.

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