Thursday, May 25, 2006

Beautiful Things

I've found a lot of things recently that I quite like, and finding myself rather limited on time, I've decided to write about them all at once, rather than one at a time:

Anne Black Votive Candles:

These are so pretty. I'm not sure if you can get them in the UK, but I like them just for their simplicity. Would be lovely as a central focus point on a dining table..

Ella Doran
Yay! A designer that is British (and thus, who may actually sell the the UK!)

Ella Dora has some really cool blinds. I think these two are really beautiful, and she also does loads of other things like trays, cushions, beautiful plates and other home accessories. Find her stuff on

And last but not least are these really pretty lamp shades from Tazana
They've got lots of other really beautiful lamps, all in this "StemCell" design. This particular one is from the StemcellEgg range.. They also come in red, which I think is really pretty.

Well that's your full lid for today. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...


Just thought you might like these links.
I love this section the Sex and the City web site. It means you can take an interior design tour of each of the girl's apartments and the designer who did them gives his tips.
Also love this ceramisist that I found in the Brighton Festival Artist Open Houses. Especially the Mr and Mrs Jones Lemon and Lime Squeezers, just too nice to use though, and the butterfly vase.