Tuesday, May 09, 2006

In the pursuit of all things shiny

I saw these lamps by Tom Dixon on the design*sponge website ages, but I really really like them. So imagine my huge surprise and glee when I went to Habitat a
while back and saw them there! I really love these lights, and if I owned my place, I think a few of them hanging from the ceiling into the stair well space would look fantastic.
They are so pretty.

However, whilst dream of being able to buy Tom Dixon type design pieces, in reality, I unfortunately can only afford Ikea type prices (me and the rest of the world. Did you know, that when Ikea opens its stores in Japan, its world wide floor space will be larger than both the independent countries of the Vatican City and Monaco combined?! That is ALLOT Ikea Klippan

sigh.. Back to the real world of renting and fluorescent lights. Posted by Picasa

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