Friday, May 12, 2006

Today's rant: brought to you by the letter 'S'

I think I must be getting old (and if you've looked at the title of this blog, you'll be able to work out exactly how old I am). I was trawling through blogs tonight to avoid doing any more of my french essay, and found something that has seriously gotten on my goat. Watch me start to wind up : I can NOT get over how much I hate how people replace the letter 's' with the letter 'z' in words, for example: "my thoughtz" or "emotionz....traitz....own bussiness....lotz more.....". God damn, this blog I found used it EVERYWHERE, and still managed to find the letter 's' for "bussiness"? Didn't spell it buzzinezz did you? (And I'm not even going to get into the fact it should be business, with 1 'S'). HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO USE THE LETTER S? Honestly? "My thoughtS" or "emotionS" or "lotS more". Is it that hard? Is it? REALLY? It's not like saving time or characters in an SMS. It's on a KEYBOARD for fuck's sake. It's on the middle row. It's EASIER TO GET TO THAN THE Z IS. It's right here, under your fourth finger. See it? That's right, EASIER THAN THE Z.

Don't get me wrong, I'm no zealot. Random spelling mistakes, I have no problem with. Consistently spelling things incorrectly, that's just dandy. Bad grammar? That's ok with me too. But the mass genocide of a perfectly good letter, for no reason that I can see (and this is why I must be getting old) is just shit, that's right "SHIT" and not "ZHIT".

I'm on a one woman campaign to bring back the letter S. Not as worthy as feeding the starving 3rd world countries, but still, I think I'll have t-shirts printed.

Todays random rant was brought to you by the letter 'S': "sun", "summer", "smiling", "shit-arse-mother-fucker".

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Anonymous said...

I entirely agree - go girl. k