Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back popping, and hip throbbing

For the last few months I've started having the worst pain in my hip, which I attribute to having a pc and a laptop on my desk, having to sit with my legs crossed, and leaning to the left, for the last 9 months so I can use them both almost simulataneously (whatageek!).

So after much deliberation, I finally got my lazy arse to an osteopath near my house, who prodded, pushed, massaged, and popped my back until my hip felt hot and inflammed which I was assured was how it was supposed to be. After the 1 1/2 hour session, my osteo taught me the following things:
  1. One of my legs is longer than the other one. Not so much so that I have to use crazy sized shoes, but enough to mention.
  2. One of the many multitude of reasons why my back has been hurting for the past, oh I don't know, forever, is because I'm hyperflexible, so my ligaments are too stretchy, and my muscles aren't doing enough work... I've already been asked and in case you're wondering, no, this does not mean I can put my legs behind my ears like my friend had seen on tv. The sort of tv program that was being watched was not specified but I'm certain it wouldn't be the type of show that could be shown before the 11pm watershed.
  3. My cheque writing leaves allot to be desired. As I was standing there at the end of the session, my hip throbbing and my head spinning from the pain, I got a 5 minute lecture about how I'd be a classic victim of cheque fraud because I forget to put the word ONLY after the amounts, and draw a line on the empty bits of the cheque. To be honest, I so rarely write cheques to anyone I actually have on the cover of my book the words: "TO goes on top line, AMOUNT goes on bottom", because I've managed to fuck up more cheques than not.
All in all, a pretty successful visit. The pain is actually in my back (the DS region?), and not in my hip (well, I was told the bit I was pointing to was not my hip at all, because dur, I should know human anatomy by now, cause that's what other computing science students would have been taught. What the hell was I doing during those classes at uni?). My lower back is in pain today but is not hurting so bad that I have to clutch it as I walk up and down stairs like the old woman I'm clearly becoming. Yay!


k said...

I actually asked "on the internet?" not "on TV?" - they don't have those sorts of shows on British TV...

k said...

I don't understand cheque writing. If you have to write "only" at the end does that mean you can get away with writing "Pay Joe Bloggs five hundred pounds oh and another thousand pounds as well". Is that what cheque fraud people actually do?

Trying to "Panda" said...

I'm not sure why putting the word ONLY will help if you've already got the word POUNDS on the cheque.. but heck what would I know, I don't put the word ONLY on there in the first place.