Friday, September 22, 2006

Your Friday Moment of Zen: And therein lies the rub

I'm not going to listen to any more depressing music today because I'm sick of making myself sad.

So to help you enjoy your friday, here is the beautiful Clive Owens in the beginning scenes from Spike Lee's Inside Man. The real zen-ness comes from the realy cool song Chaiyya Chaiyya, used in the opening and closing scenes from this film. I've been listening to this almost non stop all day now! I have no idea what they are singing, and I really couldn't care less because a) it's a cool song and b) Clive Owens is cute.

If you want the original version, from the Bollywood movie Dil Se you can find it here. It's a quite cool video clip too, what with all the dancing on trains.

There you go, your Bollywood/Hollywood/Clive Owens inspired moment of Friday zen. Enjoy!

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