Sunday, September 03, 2006

Observations from a flight

Painful Bills
At Heathrow airport, there is a seafood/champagne bar, in which I decided to blow some hard cash on because my thinking was if the plane goes down, at the very least the last meal I'd have had would be oak smoked salmon and champange.

Sitting there, calmly scoffing my possibly last meal, I found it incredibly funny when the two Australian women next to me, a mother and her adult daughter ate their meals, and ordered champagne after I seeing me do it, then look like they were about to pass a kidney stone when they converted their £44 bill for 2 plates of salmon, 2 glasses of champagne and some fizzy water to $110 Aussie dollars. It is so mean to have to hold back a giggle as they walked of saying in the broadest Aussie accents "oh my gawd darl, that was SOO expensive, next time we should just go to Maccas."

Spelling Bees
My lack of sleep was certainly catching up with me, as I found myself seriously overtired, making me too fidgety to sleep, and too emotional for rational thought. This is what I'm blaming the fact that I got a bit emotional whilst watching a stereotypical film called Akeelah and the Bee about a poor black girl from the Ghettos, whose mother doesn't notice her and whose father has died, and who uses spelling as her way to see that there could be a better life. The girl, Akeelah, goes from a girl who can spell the word "bee" to spelling words like "xanthosis" with the not so subtle usage of montages (recall the lyrics from Team America: "And anything that we want to know, from just a beginner to a pro, you want a montage (montage!), even rocky had a montage (montage!!)"). She inevitably makes it all the way in her first year to the Scripts National Spelling Bee. This film made me blubbing like a baby. That's right people. I cried whilst watching a film about a girl who liked to spell. How uncool am I? Very.

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