Thursday, August 31, 2006

Too Many Cupcakes?

My bike has a fantastic way of breaking on me when I'm as far from home as I'm going to get, and it knows never to wait when I'm close enough to walk. Last time one of the pedals broke off exactly 1 minute after I left the office. You really miss pedals after you have to push along the ground with your feet the entire 4 miles home, whilst cars and buses are rushing past you, honking you for going so slowly.

Yesterday, as I got to London Bridge, I thought I was about to get impaled on my bike post as the screw which holds the locking mechanism on the seat snapped clean in half, collapsing the seat underneath me. I had to scrounge around in between buses and taxis to pick up the bits and pieces of my crappy bike that had disintegrated as I was going around the corner. Cycling home standing the whole way is not very comfortable, and people kept looking at me like I'd stolen the bike because the owner would have taken the seat in an attempt to disuade theives like me from stealing it.

On my way I stopped at a bike store to get it fixed. I took the new bike seat post to the guy to fit it for me, and he looked at the broken screw, the seat, then at me, standing there sweat oozing out of every pore on my face (oh so very attractive), and said "That's curious, I've never seen this happen before, these screws are really very strong. There must have been alot of pressure on the seat for it to break in half like this", and you could just tell he was thinking "You've clearly been eating too many cupcakes you fat cow".

I'm off to Australia today to spend 12 days with my parents, but will try and blog whilst I'm away, to keep you up to date on my incredibly boring stint at home. It might sound like fun, but lying on a couch for 12 days is really not entertaining.

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