Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Do geek books = a sign?

After my whole buying house debarcle, I've gotten on the mega expensive horse again and had a look yesterday at a house closer to my price range and the area I'm desperate to stay in. And apparently, like the perfect high heeled shoe, the perfect house, with the perfect price does not exist. And to make matters worse, there are lots of buyers, and lots of greedy sellers who are waiting for the market to go through the roof, and aren't willing to sell their their properties until the prices go up by £30K next year. Well that's just fucking dandy isn't it. I'm glad all the sellers are holding off waiting to drain me of my life blood like fat vampires. It also seems, what with so many buyers, you get only 5 mins to decide if you want to buy a place. "Ok great, I've spent more time trying on a pair of jeans than looking at this house, but what the heck, I'll take it. Here's the cheque with more zeros on it than I can count". The estate agent told me I was the first person to view the house and they expected it to go that day. It was 6.15 when I had a look. 6.15 in the evening.

Bloody hell. I was so depressed when I got home, I actually went out again to go to the corner store to pay idiot tax and buy myself 2 scratch cards in the vain hope of winning £10K (see, not greedy, just £10,000). When that didn't work, I went home and drank 2 large glasses of red wine. Alone.

On the plus side, I'm wondering if the place I looked at yesterday was the one. It wasn't exactly where I want to live (like not in the street I want, heck I am that picky) but the guy who was selling it had a book shelf chock-a-block full of computing geek books: Java in a Nutshell, Oracle 9i, Sybase books, C++ books. He had a media PC in the corner and no tele, just a flat screen monitor. And he had another bookshelf full of books about catholisism, plus a cross on the wall. Heck I'm a geek who owns most of those nerd books, I'd have a media pc if I didn't own a Tivo, and I'm catholic.

Is this a sign?


Anonymous said...

I hope it's not a sign. My friend bought a flat off two gay guys in Brighton, and then realised that there's a set of bondage rings set into the wall in both bedrooms. The worrying thing is she's been there 4 years and never thought to take them down. Hmmmm

Trying to "Panda" said...

HA! That's made me laugh my arse off! Which is really good cause I haven't felt like laughing about anything house related in ages!