Tuesday, August 22, 2006

General Angry Rant

OOHH things are going to cop it today:

Taking My Foot off the Lader
I've taken my foot off the property ladder and have decided after much deliberation to not go ahead and buy the house. It wasn't just because of the grief I was getting, but also because if I wanted to rent it out, I couldn't afford it. Actually it was mostly due to the fact I couldn't afford it. So now I am "homeless" again (though obviously not in the traditional sense, and not meaning to offend anyone who is actually homeless, but for gods sake you get my drift). At the very least this has helped me work out what I want in a house, and gets me out of living in coo coo land for what I can afford. So it's back to the searching on the web.

Stupid Property Websites
I am so sick and fucking tired of property sites where they don't a) put the address of the property b) don't put a picture up and c) have no details about the house other than "1 bedroom flat located close to tube". How is someone supposed to know if they are wasting their time with descriptions like "flat, somewhere in the postcode with some stuff in it". What fucking use is that to anyone? No fucking use, that's what.

Not Going to Hong Kong
Someone in the office is going to HK & mainland China to train people, and as you can imagine from the fact all I want to say is shit fuck fuck bastards fuck, that that someone is not me. Shit fuck fuck bastards fuck. (it's not big, it's not clever but it makes me feel better).

Not going to watch Arsenal in the Champions League tomorrow
I've already prosponed my 24 hr ECG to go to my teams Dragon Boat Racing regatta finals so we can panick in the water and come last to teams in all body lycra outfits who train 3 times a week, are all extremely fit, stretch before and after, do one handed push ups (just to show off), and group hug and pray before they race. So since I've prosponed tests to see if my heart is fucked (which it isn't), I can't really go to watch Arsenal tomorrow instead of going racing. AND it would have been at the new stadium AND it would have been really, really, really good seats AND the tickets are only £20. Fuck fuck bollocks wank (different combination to my HK rant).

The Colonel Getting Hit by Some Arsehole last night
The first time I'd ever had a car accident in the Colonel. There we were, sitting at the lights, minding our own business, dripping wet after our last dragon boat training session before the big regatta tomorrow, and some idiot slams into the back of my car. I get out, slightly dazed (because, heck it's not every day you get hit at the lights) and the arse who hit me was very appologetic (and it seemed slightly drunk) and was very keen not to exchange details (probably because he was DRUNK). On the plus side, The Colonel is ok, I'm ok, my friend from Oz is ok, and I couldn't care less if the other guys car is internally fucked or not, because they drove off.

And take a big breath in. And relax.

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