Friday, August 11, 2006

Your Friday Moment of Zen: I'm the boy to keep you up at night.

GODDAMNN!! Tim Rogers, from You Am I, and Tex Perkins from The Cruel Sea, are playing in London tomorrow night and I'm going to get my yearly fix! For some honest to goodness fan-fuckin'-tastic Aussie rock and roll, Timmy Rogers is your man. I know he is a skinny arsed, big nosed, drug taking, alcoholic rocker, but my god he makes some of the finest tunes around, and makes me go weak at the knees like some pre-pubescent teenager.

My particular favorites are:
Purple Sneakers: "For every trouble you've found there's a drink to lose it and drown. Do you need somebody to feel somebody?"
Get Up: "See the man in the corner trying to make them all smile, and missing the one that matters all the while, she'll beat him senseless, but he just can't see, it aint for the crowd that you bleed. So be good to your bar keep man, it's more than your drink he's got in his hand"

Here's your Friday moment of zen. Timmy Rogers doing what he does best. Rocking his skinny, beautiful arse off.

God bless the fuckin' lot of us.

Ammendment: For a great write up about this gig tomorrow night check this out from the TNT

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