Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Arms waving in the air, singing in rounds

I blogged a few weeks ago how the HBO series "Big Love" was on channel 5. I have a sinking feeling the Flatmate and myself might have been the only ones watching it in all of the UK because they really rushed through the last 4 episodes in a fortnight of Monday night double bill madness. And now it's over. If you've missed the series then shame on you and I cry for your misfortune. Here is a really good mini review from Time magazine:

"Here's the thing they don't tell you about polygamy: it's murder on your cell bill. Early in Big Love, Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton) checks his calls. He has 16 messages. He's got three wives, three mortgages and seven kids. His father (Bruce Dern) suspects Bill's mother of poisoning him. Bill is opening a new branch of his Salt Lake City, Utah, hardware store, and his shady, polygamist-patriarch father-in-law Roman (Harry Dean Stanton) is demanding a cut. Then there's the matter of, er, keeping up with three wives. Pharmaceutical assistance is involved."

I really, really loved this show, and always kinda thought the Flatmate was watching it with me cause he was being nice, and it reminded him of being on holiday. However I think I've misjudged him. Last night, after a painful 2 hour train trip back from work, the first question he asked me wasn't what's for dinner, but "Can we watch the last episode of Big Love now?". If you know the Flatmate you'll realise this is a huge thing, because he always thinks with his belly first. I guess this show about Mormon polygomy has really touched us all.

A few things I'm going to miss about Big Love Monday Nights:

1. Even though we have watched every episode week in week out, there are still moments when the Flatmate and I thought we were in some nether region of reality, and would look at each other and go "This show is fucking RANDOM! Is Wanda seriously about to ANTI-FREEZE in Albe's drink? Why is Bill's father pissing in the kitchen sink? What the fuck is going on?"

2. Our debates on how I find Margie annoying and the Flatmate tells me to get off her case, she's 3rd wife, and she's not that childish.. And besides she's a much warmer mother and sister wife than Nicky, who is action packed with serious 2nd wife issues, and her lying and jealousy doesn't seem to really live up to "The Principle". (oh look, I'm making commentary on polygamy and the mormon religion based soley on a tele show, and no actual evidence)

3. I'm mostly going to miss when the opening credits come on to the Beach Boys song "God Only Knows". That's when the Flatmate and I sit there, our arms raised about our heads in the air waving gently from side to side, and sing in rounds:

"If you should ever leave me, then life would go on believe me"
"The world would show nothing to me, then what good would living do me?"

"God only knows what I'd be without you"

"This is our random mormon show"
"This is our random morrrrmmooon show"

"This is our random"

"This is our show"

"This is our random mormon show"

"This is our random"
"This is our shoooooooooooow"

Ah Big Love. God bless your randomness. I'm gonna miss you. Come back soon.

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