Friday, August 25, 2006

Friday night QVC Hell

Oh my god. These people should NOT be allowed to be on TV on a Friday night after you get home drunk.

QVC is a tv shopping network. And it is SO addictive. Especially when it's "Crafting For Christmas". SAVE ME OBE WAN KANOBE. Please don't let me buy the brushed metal effect appeture cards and envelopes or the 60 AF Vellum sheets. I don't even know what A4 Vellum sheets are. Why do I feel obsessed with buying them ??!! NO!! They're using the words "we've used our glue sticks to make these beauftiful cards!". How much of a geek am I? By day I work in IT. By night, all I want to do is make cards... I despair at my geeky sadness.

Oh god. I have no money left. I have a horrid feeling that lots of red wine is about to be responsible for metalic cards and christmas inspired stamps.

This is the best thing tonight, after the 10 police cars (2 police vans and about 30 police people (? - police men and women... not sure what these collectively are called) that turned up outside the flatmates room tonight. Very scarey since I'm here on my own, and, lets be honest, I'm a big fat scaredy cat.

OH NO! They're selling the Let It Snow Paper, Sticker & Embellishment Pack. Only £22.38. Don't pick up the phone. Don't pick up the phone!!

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Police officers perhaps...