Thursday, August 17, 2006

Stupid uncoordinated fingers

GRRR... Talk about a complete waste of time.

I've spent the last part of an hour trying to learn how to spin a pencil backwards. Spinning the pencil forwards is no problem, since in my year 11 eceonomics class I was more interested in learning how to do that than work out how to calculate a countries GDP. Even now I still think that was a better use of my time, as I can still spin a pencil, pen, drumstick (both the intrumental, and probably the chicken variety) around my thumb with the greatest of ease, and I've never been asked for my assessment of the UK's gross domestic product.

Though an hour into it and for for some reason, my stupid unco hands still can't make the bloody pencil spin backwards. The trick is to keep your middle, ring and thumb still whilst getting your index finger to flick the pen around. But when I try it, the index finger starts to flick the pencil, and then all of a sudden all my other fingers spasm and the pencil goes flying. Sometimes across the floor, sometimes hitting the desk, occasionaly hitting my forehead.

GRRR. It's really starting to piss me off. Not only am I wasting time trying to learn how to do this most useless of tricks (who has ever impressed anyone with their pen flicking ability?), but I'm mostly annoyed because I thought I was a bit more dexterous than this. So, due to my constant need to blame everything on something other than myself, today I'm going to blame it on the medication that I'm on, which is currently fucking with my brain. Apparently this medicine is used to help treat people with mild anxiety. However it's making me more anxious about rubbish nonense things than I've ever been before.

I am also laying blame at the door of WIKI-HOW . DAMN YOU! Why do you have things on your website that look easy but aren't?

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