Friday, August 11, 2006

No news reports but at least I know not to wear sandals

After a nightmare trip home at midnight tonight, when I finally got in I decided to watch some of the news whilst getting ready for bed. It's not that I normally feel the need to be on the beating pulse of the world news after a night out, but I just wanted to see if anything significant has happened during the last few hours (I mean, hey, when I went to bed on Wednesday night, the news was either about the Lebanon/Israel war and how the News of the World were listening to the royal family gossip on their mobile phones. 7 hours later I wake up and all of a sudden it's about the 10 bomb threats on planes out of Britain.. gotta keep in touch with the news... ).

So rather than watching the BBC's World Business report, I thought, heck, lets go for some sensationalist crap and watch Sky instead.. I managed to catch the last 5 mins of the American CBS news, which was all "America on security alert level SUPER DOOPER HIGH IN THE SKY APPLE PIE CRAZY. Terrorists, terrorists everywhere!" along what I've noticed American news does best: lots of human interest stories which mostly consist of people complaining about having to get rid of their hair gel and perfume because they might be bombs. Ok so this CBS. I kinda expected this.. Then the British Sky news reports starts up and it goes like this:

"Police foil biggest terrorist threat! Mass murder on an unimaginable scale! More details to whip up the public to a frenzy!!!! TERRORISTS TERRORISTS EVERYWHERE!!.... But, first here's todays weather"

That's right. The weather. That's the report Sky news started their hourly news with. Not who has been arrested, or how their plans where foiled. Not even whether or not any planes are flying now or if should expect more threats. No, Sky felt that the people must be kept informed ABOUT THE WEATHER. At 1 AM. That's the most important thing obviously. Thank god Sky have their priorities right. THIS is what I care about most: knowing that I can't wear my sandals tomorrow because it's gonna rain.

It's all alright people, it's alright. Crisis averted. Stand down from red alert Mr Spock, we're gonna be ok.

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