Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Beetle Art

Mibo whom I know mostly as a designer for cool lampshades, is one of the 4 leading artists and illustrators who are part of the new Beetle Arts Volkswagen range. The designs include: Mibo's "Taking Flight" (you can get the matching lampshade!), the stylized puddles of art in Mud Splats by Jamie Cullen, Steve Wilsons' Chasing Rainbows, and the "It's All Mine" by Parra. Check out their website, where you can play around with the designs, the colours of the cars, and even choose if you want the cabriolet or hatchback version.

I do think they are pretty cool, however it's a worry that if you want to get rid of them you simply "Using a hairdryer, gently warm the graphics. When warmed, slowly peel off"(!). Thank god that this is a cold climate where 2 consecutive days of 30 degrees is considered a "heat wave, threatening to shut down the very fabric of society, by melting roads and buckling train lines", or else those lovely birdies mightn't look so nice when they're half sliding off the car...

Still, it's a cool concept, and if anyone would like to donate one of the VW Beetles, I'd happily accept any of the groovy designs (I quite like the cabriolet, in light grey, with the Mibo design in green).

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